Steelegrave is Siegel

I pass along a reproduction of an article about Siegel & Barrie’s lunch while Siegel was supossedly on a jail pass to see the dentist. This incident was the inspiration for Mavis Weld, her shutter happy brother, Orrin, and Steelgrave, the mobster, in Chandler’s novel, The Little Sister.

Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles: In a Lonely Place

Bungalows. Crime. Hollywood. Blondes. Vets. Smog. Death. This was Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles, which resonated from deft and melancholy fits of his writer’s bow. Join us as we go down the mean streets that shaped his fiction, and that in turn shaped his hard-boiled times, in a five hour tour of downtown, Hollywood and surrounding… Continue reading Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles: In a Lonely Place

John Fante: Dreams From Bunker Hill

Before Kerouac, before Bukowski, there was John Fante, author of “Ask the Dust,” “Dreams of Bunker Hill,” “Full of Life,” “The Road to Los Angeles” and “Wait Until Spring, Bandini.” This five-novel cycle, written over sixty years, introduced the world to Arturo Bandini, an outspoken, down-and-out Mr. Hyde to Fante’s Dr. Jekyll. As Bunker Hill’s… Continue reading John Fante: Dreams From Bunker Hill

Mavis Weld is Wendy Barrie

As you begin to follow the trail of intrigue and bodies in Raymond Chandler’s The Little Sister, you will no doubt wonder what real life personas inspired the plot. As we draw near to our next meeting on July 19th, I will begin to pull that curtain back. I offer for today this bone to… Continue reading Mavis Weld is Wendy Barrie