one year anniversary

one year anniversary Originally uploaded by richardschave. Kim & I celebrated our one year anniversary this weekend. I offer up this small photo set in honor of the event.

Kim & Nathan host another tour -Weird West Adams

Alvarado Terrace — Weird West Adams Tour Originally uploaded by richardschave. Another busload of passengers for the Weird West Adams Tour. Highlights include lover’s quarrels which end in asphyxiation in a murphy bed and the Printshop of Death Source: 2or3feedburner

John Fante: Busboy During Day, At Night He’s An Author!

August 7th, 1933 (LA Examiner) BUSBOY DURING DAY, AT NIGHT HE’S AN AUTHOR Youth, 22, Would Rather Be Good Dish Carrier Than Bad Writer; First Novel Sold By day he juggles dishes, a briskly efficient bus boy. By night he burns the midnight oil weaving words into patterns that win the praise of literary connoisseurs.… Continue reading John Fante: Busboy During Day, At Night He’s An Author!

Fante remembers Bunker Hill

Larry Harnisch, core member of the 1947project, has unearthed a treasure, Goodbye Bunker Hill, a story from the LA Times in 1940 written by John Fante.

progress at 826 S Berendo Ave

We have made progrees since our last post. Councilmember Herb Wesson’s office has began the application process for an historical marker at the site. And photos of the current state of the former Fante Apartments at 826 S Berendo are going into the LAPL photo archive.

Ask the Dust Written here — 826 S Berendo Press Release

For immediate release June 5, 2007 “Fante was my God” – Charles Bukowski Home of acclaimed LA novelist John Fante now a drug den; Fante tour debuts WHAT: Esotouric’s John Fante’s Bunker Hill with special guest Charles Bukowski WHEN: Saturday June 16, 1-6pm COST: $55, which includes Fante-inspired gelatos from Scoops (or ride both Bukowski/Fante… Continue reading Ask the Dust Written here — 826 S Berendo Press Release

Ghost Story from Sonora Town

March 1891- An old neighborhood ghost story from Sonora Town is introduced to a wider audience when the Times reports on the fright suffered over several nights by Police Officers Valencia and Stewart near Alpine and Buena Vista (a vanished street near Broadway today). A very long haired woman in a long black dress appeared… Continue reading Ghost Story from Sonora Town