aviary at meeno & ilse’s house

aviary at meeno & ilse’s house Originally uploaded by richardschave. Helped Meeon & Ilse to get a little further along with their aviary on Sunday. We hung the doors, now the question of the roof is left. . .

Drupal, Pillow Fight & Pho

Photo_040107_007 Originally uploaded by erik with a k. What a great afternoon, a Drupal user group meeting, a pillow fight down the street at not a cornfield, and then a bowl of pho next door.

Yoshiro & Oolong

Yoshiro & Oolong Originally uploaded by richardschave. Oolong is the tea colored Chagoi, they are the leaders of the pond. Yoshiro is the Wakin, the Japanese Goldfish, and is named after Sen no Rikyu, the founder of the Modern Japanese tea Ceremony. Yoshiro was his childhood moniker. We are very proud of all of them.

fire from Meeno’s hill

fire from Meeno’s hill Originally uploaded by richardschave. driving home on Sunset friday afternoon from my great aunt’s funeral, Kimi and I saw flames licking up over the top of Mount Lee (the Hollywood sign), and though it was obviously a visual illusion, the scale and distance and size of flames all conspired to make… Continue reading fire from Meeno’s hill