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The Keyhole is a tender tale of how Young Billie Anderson is initiated into the mysteries of Love, Attraction, and Supply & Demand while in the employ of dotting Aunt Lizzie. subscribe to the channel and stay in touch!

Aunt Lizzie Continued

In the continuing saga of Billie’s dynamic with his Aunt Lizzie, we learn of the various ruses and hustles in which Billie is schooled. “Soon ripe, soon rotten”, is Lizzie’s motto, and Billie quickly learns to flip this axiom on its head. Subscribe to the channel, stay in touch.

building bridges at barcamp

Attended barcampla sunday. Chris Messina of flock fame gave a nice talk about the WWW as an event stream, social space, and datastore.

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Aunt Lizzie Part One

Aunt Lizzie was a double edged sword for Billie. She saw who Billie was, and provided a channel for expression, at her boarding house in the French Quarter, but at a price. Billie grew up very fast under Lizzie, quickly outpacing her at her own game. subscribe to the channel, stay in touch.