Athanasius Kircher Society

While enjoying a cup of tea yesterday in the Tula Tea Room at the Museum of Jurassic Technology, I was informed of the recent launch of the aks website. Athanasius Kircher was an Orientalist, Linguist, Scientist, Musician, and Historian—nothing escaped the burning heat from lens of his brain, and the Museum of Jurassic Technology is… Continue reading Athanasius Kircher Society

nmh book signing podcast

An enthusiastic turn-out for Kim reading produced an interesting podcast. Featured are John Arroyo of Los Angeles Conservancy Walking Tour fame, Brian Doherty, a regular contributor to Kim’s many publications, and the editrix herself.

in the aeroplane over the sea

Kim gave a reading at Book Soup Wednesday night for her latest book, Neutral Milk Hotel’s in the Aeroplane over the Sea, another in Continuum Press’s 33 1/3 series. Fans turned out in force seeking camaraderie and moral support in what a few described as their “secret passion” for this enigmatic album and band/music collective.… Continue reading in the aeroplane over the sea

eames open house

Attended an open house at the the Eames house (1949), the second most important residential structure in Los Angeles. The most important residential structure in los angeles is the Lovell beach house (1924). The Eames Family appreciates interest in the work of Charles and Ray Eames and encourages visits to the following websites to learn… Continue reading eames open house

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

In honor of the recently released dual DVD set of Pat Garret and Billy the Kid I offer the introduction to the screenplay by author shamelessly reprinted from Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid Signet film series – New American Library, 1973 Introduction Pat Garrett and Billy the kid was written over three years ago.… Continue reading Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid