jasper and john

My sophmore year of college amongst many things included an “independent study” with Jasper Rose, on the work of John Ruskin. The study’s framework consisted of expository essays on subject and citations from select chapters of Ruskin’s autobigraphy, Praeterita. Ruskin is still a monstrance in my psyche, a blood-red stain in all my evening skies.… Continue reading jasper and john

strange loops

These engrossing images of real-time evolving self-organising systems near the edge of chaos, culled from the feed of Data Is Nature began a long revery which lead to rereading Douglas Hofstaeder‘s preface to the 20th anniversary edition of Godel,Escher,Bach. Something very strange emerges from the Godelian loop: the revelation of the causal power of meaning… Continue reading strange loops

pinup geek

I simply quote from the calendar’s home page, “Why should the ditsy girls have all the fun? Smart is sexy in the Geek Gorgeous 2006 Wall Calendar. The calendar showcases young ladies who are not only beautiful and stylish, but can also fix your computer, normalize your databases, discuss the advantages of polymorphism, and beat… Continue reading pinup geek


It has been so long since I have had a favorite show, that must comment on mine, not being picked up for the “back nine” of its third season. The asynchronous viewing of televsion content is here, and excuses for ratings conflicts over airtime is past. How else could I have found a favorite show… Continue reading asynchronous

podcast expo 2005

Attended podcast expo 2005 in Ontario on Friday. The dearth of vendors for mobile platforms was duely noted. Had time to stop by the Mission Inn Source: 2or3feedburner

Tula Tea Room

I miss my old haunt, the Tula Tea Room , and in honor of it’s new mascot, have posted an entry about it on 43places.com . You are encouraged to add your own antecdotes.

record which breaks the record player

Another fascinating article from the Institute of Figuring journal, Cabinet, in which the geometric logic system of Shea Zellweger is explicated and laid bare. based on geometry, rather then an algebraic system—Boole’s algebra the seminal work in that cannon, Zellewegar’s system is an exploration into the fascinating group of symmetrical patterns which make up his… Continue reading record which breaks the record player

the nature of true happiness

Diana Darby’s latest album, the Magdalene Laundries, is inspired by the Irish social institution of the same name, which is in the long tradition of the Medicant movement founded by Francis of Assisi. In the Laundries women are sentenced to a life of slavery under the supervision of nuns; forced to work six days a… Continue reading the nature of true happiness