ate the best burrito of my life at Doña Rosa‘s in Pasadena this afternoon. really. Source: 2or3feedburner

Magdalene Laundries

I have just heard Diane Darby‘s new album, “The Magdalene Laundries”.  It is quite good.  The album was inspired by the film, The Magdalene Sisters, which is about the   Magdalene Laundries, Ireland’s infamous home for “wayward girls” which operated for over 150 years till it was shut down in 1996. Source: 2or3feedburner

Bad and the Beautiful

Watched Vincent Minnelli’s “The Bad and the Beautiful,” a meditation on friendship, envy, greed, lust, and love, in which the protagonist screws his friends over while propelling them to dizzying heights, leaving his bag man to ask the eschewed trio at the end, “he ruined your life, so now you have two oscars to your… Continue reading Bad and the Beautiful

what’s a joint like this doing in a nice girl like you?

Watched Kiss Me Stupid (1964) last night, one in the great I.A.L. Diamond/Billie Wilder collaborative streak. A brilliant film, it explodes the world of men, specifically that of the Rat Pack, by leveraging its hyper-masculinity to to create two story-lines (men & women) whose twin poles tear at each other till they flip their polarity… Continue reading what’s a joint like this doing in a nice girl like you?