one more

From out the haze of my first undergraduate degree, art history, I recall this story, an interview in the early 1980s with Philip Johnson about his mentor, Mies Van Der Rohe. Johnson worked with Mies on the Seagram building (1958), he had a role in designing the plaza and the four seasons restaurant. When asked… Continue reading one more

Guy Davenport

Just found my correspondence with Guy Davenport, which occurred my sophomore year of college (1988). Ruskin’s Praterita, For Clavergia, Caroline Minuscule, Michealangelo’sDavid, and the peccadilloes of circumcision prior to the Roman Diaspora were all topics he was well versed in, and quite conversant.  The correspondence was pawned off after six months to a grad student,… Continue reading Guy Davenport

panorama party

Attended the lighting of the restored neon sign at the Union Theatre, home of Sara Velas’, Panorama. Highlights included a lecture by Nathan Marsak on L.A. Neon, and a rare public glimpse of Marsak and Co-Conspirator, Kim Cooper, no doubt to compare notes on the lastest blogging software for their 1947project. Source: 2or3feedburner

A Neighborhood in Los Angeles

There was an entire block in the northeast corner of Los Angeles which lied. They awoke, and all day they lied.  They went to the corner Starbucks for their morning espresso, and over cigarettes they sat and lied.  Over the course of their days they would come and go from the Starbucks, feigning vast schemes… Continue reading A Neighborhood in Los Angeles

The Locusts Have No King

While recovering from the flu, I have continued to read Cosma’s Notebooks— yet another entry on the subject of selforganization with a note to follow up on the entry,  Is the Primordial Soup Done Yet?. The subject at hand deserves a nod to the notion of self-organizing criticality,  which points back to the title of… Continue reading The Locusts Have No King

Turtles, Termites and Traffic Jams

just read a review of turtles termites and traffic jams of mitchell resnick’s classic, Turtles, Termites and Traffic Jams, by a interesting gentleman, Cosma Rohilla Shalizi. "Instead of plane geometry he [Resnick] wants to teach parallel processing and self-organization (how do termites build their nests? how do slime-molds aggregate? how does traffic jam?); instead of… Continue reading Turtles, Termites and Traffic Jams