Pt Reyes ’79

pt reyes 79, originally uploaded by richardschave. A parking lot in northern California just north of San Francisco on the coast. I believe I soon after this photo purchased the famous Pt. Reyes cow tee-shirt, which I wore, through several newer and bigger sizes through the age of 19 or 20.

kitchen circa 1976

kitchen circa 1976, originally uploaded by richardschave. This is the kitchen from the house on Rountree in Rancho Park. I remember at some point soon after this photo the brick wall was taken down, with great consternation. The table was replaced by a wooden one which sat six, and had wings for expanding to 10… Continue reading kitchen circa 1976

Apple Orchard ABQ., NM

photos, originally uploaded by richardschave. Living in the trailer in the corner of an apple orchard in NW Albuquerque. Just off the zanja. Horace rented it to us for $30/month. I believe we were there 2 months. He built his house himself out of adobe brick he made. Worked in the stock yards in the… Continue reading Apple Orchard ABQ., NM

Plastic Muse

sdf, originally uploaded by richardschave. Phil Goldwhite after a Sofa show in Santa Cruz circa 1990.

Me & Uncle Joseph

wedding photos, originally uploaded by richardschave. A photo of myself and Uncle Joseph Slusky (my aunt’s first husband). He is a gifted metal sculptor. We discuss the finer points of coal forges and our hero, Alfred Jarry. The photo was taken at my sister’s wedding in 2004.

Adobe Arch ABQ., NM

me abq. , NM, originally uploaded by richardschave. this is a photo taken by my father in ABQ., NM. circa 1995. It was during my ford marriage, born of gasoline and good nature, when we were living in a trailer and traveling around the country. I enjoyed building that wall. I know John Fante is… Continue reading Adobe Arch ABQ., NM

Madame Pamita

hazards 447.JPG Originally uploaded by richardschave. Pamita on Hazard’s Pavilion at the Jan. 2009 Art Walk.