I live in Lincoln Heights with my wife, Kim Cooper of Scram magazine fame. We are just down the street from the old jail, where Raymond Chandler and Charles Bukowski used to dry out in their drunk tank. Kim's 1947project has many glimpses of our neighborhood's history.

In 2005 I took an undergraduate degree in computer science from Calstate Los Angeles, and in the late 1980s I attended UC Santa Cruz, where I studied under the English design critic, Reyner Banham, author of,  Los Angeles: the architecture of four ecologies. Out of this work came the impetus for my subsequent seven years of wandering in the construction trades (masonry, HVAC, geodesics, plumbing). I have created a series of tours in his honor.

I am deeply involved in the downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, the Hippodrome Art Walk Shuttle is one of the more visible endeavors with this tremendous grass roots movement.